About me…

I am an illustrator and writer and I spend all day living in Cape Town, drawing and writing.

Some things from my CV:

1. I boiled a tiger.
2. I played guitar (badly) on a ship.
3. I regularly have to shoo baboons out of my lounge.
4. I scored a goal for a Mozambican soccer club.
5. I built a swing in the middle of Lesotho.
6. I’ve had tick-bite fever 3 times.
7. I did a head-over-heels on the lawns in front of Buckingham Palace.
8. I’m working on a on my third children’s book.

That’s me on the mountain that I can see from my studio, and that’s Columbo.


6 Responses to “About me…”

  1. kath embling Says:

    I think you are super funny eel and heard from the mikester that your bestmans sppch was just bril….yay!! let’s hook up when i come to CT in a few months. Miss you and your sense of humour and yes i will definitely send this mail on to everyone else to check out your website,

  2. Justin the First Says:

    Alex, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for this. And why did you never tell me that you can draw? Wow. Rad man.

  3. gus Says:

    hey thar bebee cuzan.
    nise site

  4. Eeg Says:

    It’s really cool to see all your drawings and stuff. But wasn’t there a croc buried in the back yard at one stage?

  5. wellgoncho Says:

    Do you make a living on your stuff or is that just something you do on the side?

  6. Finbar Says:

    Hey Bru
    If you love receiving mail then you must also try to answer some of it!!!
    Pity will not be around for your exhibition – maybe Osteus will be able to make it.
    By the way from your jonty picture above I am not sure if you caught the ball- but it is always good to show the sporty side to an artist.

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