Animals 2

Here’s another Animal Mix I did in front of the TV last night. Looks alright. Click the image to see detail.


3 Responses to “Animals 2”

  1. cravensworld Says:

    Highly amusing

  2. Gordon Says:

    They all look a little tipsy. nice.

  3. Wendy Wang Says:

    SWEET!!! My boys, Noah (4.5) and Luc (just over 3), will love it. Can’t wait to show them. My friend Johann-Sebastian just got me hip to the Western Nostril. Thinking about making the colander part of my everyday work wear, not possible, but definitely for Halloween this year!!!!

    You guys ROCK OUT!!!! Simply humourous, simply interesting & eye-catching. It’s clean that’s what is EVEN BETTER. I’ll be spreading word about the Western Nostril and Latimer Brothers to the Washingtonians and to all Americans I’m connected to.

    Your work makes me laugh and smile. Which coincides with one of my favorite quotes from one of the great American artist’s, Wayne Thiebaud,”If we don’t have a sense of humor, we lack a sense of perspective…”

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