The Food Chain Alphabet

I’ve had the idea to draw a food chain alphabet for a while – so i thought i’d draw it as quickly as possible. Well, not quite as quickly as possible, but pretty darn quickly. I like the result. It gets a bit mad as it goes along.



10 Responses to “The Food Chain Alphabet”

  1. Gordon Says:

    nice… stretching some of those a little, but very cool.

  2. toast Says:

    kiff! you must’ve seen that weird movie called Taxidermia in order to have mind-jumped from taxidermist to ukranian weightlifter. did you? although in the movie it was a hungarian world champion eater, if i recall correctly. viva!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Love the zombies!

  4. badger Says:

    Me, you and ZOMBIES! I love that

  5. JuanolO Says:


  6. Rebecca Says:

    This made me laugh. Good job.

  7. Onno Says:

    Craxy stuff … lol, between the depressed Vampire and the Zombie linedance i’m not sure which to laugh at more.

  8. hellokuso Says:

    easter cook, epic!

  9. barefootnaturedoctor Says:

    i see now, THATS the way the wheel turns.

  10. Michelle Says:

    It’s the Ciiiircle of Liiiife!

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