The Western Nostril – volume 1

Things have been quiet on my blog partly because we’ve just finished our first book of cartoons and sent the files to the printer. So if you haven’t thought what you can get family and friends for Christmas, just hold on ’til early November. The book is great and will be on sale through our website – for a meagre R110 or thereabouts. We’re only printing 1000 copies, so we’re hoping to sell out. We’ve even got a little blurb on the front cover from Zapiro. This is what he has to say about The Western Nostril:

“Seriously twisted! If South African cartooning can produce something this wacky, we’re in good shape.”

So if you don’t believe me about the Christmas gift idea, at least listen to Zapiro.


2 Responses to “The Western Nostril – volume 1”

  1. Jackson Says:

    Good post. Hope to see a lot more great posts in the near future.

  2. learn how to draw people Says:

    Just wanted to tell you you are ranking well on Bing it is above some pretty big websites. Go you!

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