A long time ago, on this very blog I threatened to do a huge cityscape. Well, with all the power failures we’ve been having, there’s been plenty of time for me to sit on the couch, drink tea and draw. So I hauled a big old canvas out of the garage, found a permanent marker and started. This is what it looks like so far – I’ll probably try fill up the whole canvas and then I’ll add colour in Photoshop. I won;t have the patience to use real paint.


3 Responses to “City”

  1. kat Says:

    Insane. I couldn’t imagine having the patience to draw all those windows… would have felt compelled to draw a character flinging himself out of one! Look forward to seeing it in colour and let me know when/if you sell prints of this.

  2. Leon Jacobs Says:

    You missed a bit at the top.

  3. Mehmet Says:

    thans. good work!. i visited a site today and like that. maybe you like too. it is

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