Vector Cowboys

I’m putting together a selection of graphic styles for some work I’m doing. They have to be vector, so it’s back to the wonderful world of Freehand.

First up is a very simplified style.


Second in line is Straight-Shooter McGavin.


In next week’s meeting these two chaps will be duelling. I wonder who will win.


4 Responses to “Vector Cowboys”


  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    I fear for Straight-Shooter’s chances in a duel for two reasons:
    1. He presents a much larger target with a clearly delineated dashed line outline of his heart region in plain sight, and
    2. Simpleton clearly has the advantage in the ocular category. Heck, he looks like he’d win even if the battle were in pitch black darkness with them peepers!

  3. Krees Says:

    Dat be true, jaggedsmile, BUT, the mean guy normally always beats the cute guy in the first gun battle.

  4. Latrisha Hemken Says:

    Some good points….. Maybe it’s imperative that you put the point across inside initially paragraph… in this particular point in time, attention spans are getting lesser and lesser. needless to say after getting a loyal base of readers, now matters slightly less… but it never hurts to create your points sharply and precisely

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