Naughty thoughts

There’s been a fair amount of debate as to whether this sort of thing (boobs) is appropraite to put on a blog. Some really think it’s fantastic, and others aren’t sure. I hope that no one out there takes offence.
This was a fun excercise in developing a character and then making him come to life. I used a couple of new methods of getting groovy textures. You won’t see most of it, ‘cos this is such a small picture. I await your comments.



5 Responses to “Naughty thoughts”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Nice character, not sure that anyone could take offense at such poorly drawn boobs though!

  2. Krees Says:

    Boobs! I thought they were droopy dog-eyes.
    Fantastic texture and line-work in the kid, Al. Post a close-up of the boy’s face.

  3. gus Says:

    the boobs are watching me – just as I thought!

  4. Huw Says:

    What about woozles? Can you draw woozles?

  5. Jimjam Says:

    Bums are bummer!

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