Aliens like wine too

This is my first commissioned illustration. It’s for an article in Good Taste magazine (no, not Taste magazine) about something to do with wine and aliens. Using the powers of mental aerobics and putting to use years of tertiary study, I managed to think up a picture to illustrate the article using those two elements – I would draw an alien drinking wine! Awesome.

I did two other illustrations for the current issue, which comes out today. So look out for Good Taste magazine (no, seriously, it’s not Taste magazine, it’s Good Taste magazine, it was around before Taste.) I also write book reviews for Good Taste – so if you would like proof that I’m actually a writer, check it out. (If you want proof that I’m actually an illustrator, check it out too.)



One Response to “Aliens like wine too”

  1. gus Says:

    something about an alien having nipples makes me feel uneasy

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