The briefly popular game of squalf.

Some of you out there will remember the Squalf cartoon – part of the Western Nostril collection that I did with my brother Patrick. ( & And if you don’t remember that particular cartoon, here it is.


With the popularity of Squalf growing, we decided to make a short film version of the idea. Thanks to some expert negotiations courtesy of my friend Nic, we managed to smuggle five guys and a lot of golfing equipment onto the Med Campus squash courts late one winter evening. We dressed two other friends, Matt and Chris, in suitably sporty attire and filmed this gem. It’s not the kind of evening you easily forget, unless you misjudge how low squash court doorframes are (Gus, you were there too). Since that day four years ago, this video has lurked on back-up disks and in the depths of my computer – most of the guys who helped make it haven’t even seen it. Today it gets its first screening.


3 Responses to “The briefly popular game of squalf.”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Brilliant. Art irritates life?

  2. turner Says:

    Lex – real classic video. sad that bones and I could not star in it.

  3. Kosta Kontos Says:

    Squalf… haha what a classic. Nice one.

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